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Nebraska Star Beef: Not your average gas station jerky...

"There's no substitution for
high quality."

―Dan Klute, owner of Nebraska Star Beef
The folks at Nebraska Star Beef are as passionate about producing the very best beef as you are about putting it on your table. They feed their cattle 30 to 45 days longer than other producers, giving them bigger cattle and increasing the meat's tenderness.

"We're not doing something that others in the beef industry
couldn't do. I just believe that we do it better."

Now, for a limited time, our friends at Nebraska Star Beef are offering 15% off some of their most popular jerky packs, made with premium, all natural Angus beef.

Patriot Jerky 6 pack
100% Natural Angus beef
$33.95 $39.95

Black Pepper Sampler
One of the hotter jerkys
$29.70 $34.95

Red Pepper Sampler
Spicy with a hint of brown sugar
$29.70 $34.95

Patriot Jerky is made from premium natural Angus beef, ground and seasoned, then expertly spread on drying racks and smoked to perfection. The Black Pepper Sampler and Red Pepper Sampler each include two packages of three styles of premium jerky: hand sliced slab jerky (firm but tender), ground and formed stick jerky (not the least bit greasy) and beef snack sticks―the most tender jerky imaginable, similar to miniature summer sausages.

Shop today and save 15% on these select jerky products.

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